Fake Nature’s Best CBD $5.99 Trial Subscription Scam


Beginning in August, 2017 we started seeing bad reviews from customers who had been duped into purchasing a trial size CBD Oil for $5.99 and were charged an additional $79.98 per month. Unfortunately, THIS IS A SCAM and has nothing to do with Nature’s Best CBD in Littleton, Colorado.

Nature’s Best CBD has NEVER offered a “$5.99 trial size” nor have we ever charged for a “monthly subscription” to our products.

The product these victims received looked real enough and even said “Nature’s Best CBD” but was completely fake. The label had all the markings of a genuine product, but was an inferior if not totally fake CBD oil.

Although our label design has changed recently, we have always had the same Nature’s Best CBD logo and included our physical address, phone number and website.

If you have been duped by this illegal scam, please don’t post a bad review about us based on your experience. We are also victims of this criminal activity and our online reputation has been tainted with illegitemate bad reviews that do not accurately reflect our excellent record of customer service and high level of satisfaction with our product.

The perpetrators appear to be using different phone numbers including 877-437-1375, 925-983-2229 and 844-902-1320, however we have been told they will continue to lie on the phone and will shamelessly try to convince you that we are the ones to blame. They may also be using different URLs to find their victims.

Nature’s Best CBD regrets that anyone fell victim to this completely fraudulent and illegal scam perpetrated in our name.


Nature’s Best CBD
25 W. Dry Creek Circle, #600
Littleton, CO 80120