Frequently Asked Questions

Is there THC in Nature's Best CBD products?

NO. Natures Best CBD products do not contain THC, the part of marijuana plant that gets you high. Our Hemp products are perfectly legal in ALL 50 STATES. You will never have to worry about our products and drug testing. Our Pain Creams, lotions, and our high strength Hemp oil products are designed for law enforcement, military, CDL license holders, pilots and anyone who worries about being randomly tested. Stop worrying, we have you covered. Every product we sell has a lot number and batch number on it. There is no way anything can slip in and cause a positive test result. If you ever fail a drug test, it wasn’t because of us. This is watched by the FDA and we have all of our products frequently lab tested, both by us and by independent labs to ensure that what you see is what you get.

Can you get high from Nature's Best CBD Products?

Absolutely not. Period. You will never get “high” from our products. Hemp does not contain THC. It is impossible to get high from Nature’s Best CBD because all of our products are made from hemp, not marijuana.

Is there any THC in our products? Yes, but the amount is so small we do not have to register it. We are at .03%. (That’s 3/100 of 1 percent) Think of non-alcoholic beer and wine. Is there alcohol in them? Absolutely, but just like us the amount is so small it is virtually undetectable.

Do you need THC in CBD products to make them work?

NO. Hemp oil has wonderful effects on the body. There are studies on how Hemp’s healing properties work without any THC. More and more testing is being done everyday and we will keep you up to date on this as results are published. We have tested our products against THC strains and have consistently tested higher in Hemp than marijuana products. If you doubt us, grab your THC products and send them to an independent lab side by side against ours. That’s a bold statement and we are sure there may be products out there that test higher in Hemp than ours, but so far we haven’t found them.

We are in beautiful Colorado which has legal recreational marijuana as well as medical marijuana. There is good hemp here as well, but the law will not allow us to cross state lines with it. Our hemp in imported from some the finest hemp we can find, it is an ultra pure strain of hemp. Sure, we have tested Hemp strains from southeast Asia, Eastern block countries, Europe and even Canada. We will always find the highest strain we can. We ARE Nature’s Best CBD for a reason. That is why we are legal in ALL 50 STATES.

What makes our CBD oil different?

There is a BIG difference between regular hemp oil and our Hemp oil. Our industrial hemp strain is specifically grown to have a spike registering a high strain of Hemp. Standard Hemp oil is like olive oil, but from hemp. What is the difference between the two?

Let’s start with the basics. If you grow low grade hemp, you should make a rope, a bag or a T-shirt. It’s worthless to us. We ONLY deal in high grade and ultra high grade hemp. We are not here to get anyone high. You can find that easily enough on your own. We are here to help people. Let me further explain: Hemp oil can be used as an ingredient in cooking, used to make plastic, paper, paint, biofuel, and serves numerous medical purposes. Please poke around and learn more. We stand behind our products.

Where does CBD come from?

CBD can come from the stem of a marijuana plant or hemp plant. But just because it can come from a hemp plant doesn’t mean it is the same as CBD oil. Using scientific “evolution” of the plant, we are able to raise the CBD and lower the THC.

Is CBD Legal?

The CBD used in our creams, lotions and tincture products comes from cold pressed industrial hemp, legally grown and imported. Hemp is legal to “grow” in many nations including ours, but currently only in selective states in the USA. The HEMP is extracted using the most modern extraction processes available. Extremely complex and expensive equipment is used to extract the THC from the high HEMP extract. Thus, our HEMP extract has no THC. The high HEMP content oil is then imported legally into the USA. It is manufactured in our state of the art modern lab, here in the US. We follow all USA government standards in producing our tincture, cream and powdered product. The products are legal to own, sell or distribute in all 50 states without a medical card or permit.

How much should I take?

CBD Oils
This is our “rocket fuel”. It all starts here and this is the basis from which we make all of our products. It works great on humans and pets. It’s best to start off strong. Listen to your body. If you need more, take more. You can’t take too much, you can only run out. Start with 1-5 drops under the tongue and let it sit there for 15-45 seconds. The reason for this is to get it into your blood stream as quickly as possible via the two veins under your tongue. (remember, it’s like nitro glycerin for heart attacks) The better the strain, the smaller the molecule. The smaller the molecule, the faster it absorbs. Our CBD oil is a very high strain. It works quickly. How long does ibuprofen take to kick in? This should be about the same. If you are adding it to food or beverages it may take a little longer because it has to get absorbed through your stomach lining. If you have specific questions, drop us a line or check us out on Facebook or other social media.

CBD Pain Cream
Apply 1/2 the size of a dime on top of the area that hurts or has discomfort. We have a natural camphor menthol in our Pain Cream. Whether you like the smell or not, it will evaporate in 10-30 minutes. We are not in the camphor menthol business. We just want it to open up the pores so our high strain HEMP can get in there. We WANT it to evaporate. If you have skin irritation or an open wound, you probably should be using our Nature’s Best CBD oil instead.

CBD Skin Lotion
This is the same formula as our pain cream, but without the added camphor menthol. It is also good for pain, but it’s great for using as a facial lotion, on your bikini line or as an all natural lotion for new tattoos. This lotion is perfect for anywhere on your body that you don’t want to use camphor menthol.

What is the difference between the tincture/oil and the cream?

Our Nature’s Best CBD tincture (oil) can be used two ways; as an oral supplement or applied topically. You can add a few drops to your effected area and massage into your skin (dermis and epidermis). Nature’s Best CBD pain cream is only applied topically. Taken internally, the CBD oil benefits your entire system but the effects are not immediately noticeable. Applied topically, both the oil and the pain cream should provide fairly immediate relief.

How long do Nature's Best CBD products last?

Every person is different and lots of factors come into play, but here are some general rules. Let’s start with the basics. How much did you take? You can’t take too much because it is all natural. A lot times more than a few drops is overdoing it. Think of it like blood pressure meds. You have to build them up slowly. The rule of thumb is that you listen to your body. If you need more, take more. If you are doing good, start backing it down. We have many customers that state that it lasts all day. Others just a few hours. It all depends on you. The shelf life or our products is usually up to 2 1/2 years. Please be aware, however, as we stated above, HEMP will dissipate if exposed to heat for long periods of time.

Can I give CBD to my pets?

Nature’s Best CBD Extra Virgin CBD Oil will help your pet feel relaxed and in control. It helps with aggression disorders, self-trauma, cognitive problems, excessive vocalization and urination/marking problems.

Nature’s Best CBD Extra Virgin CBD Oil is ideal for traveling with your pet, grooming, re-homing or reducing stress during thunderstorms, fireworks and other noisy events. It also works well for separation anxiety.

When Nature’s Best CBD Extra Virgin CBD Oil is used in conjunction with conventional therapies, the natural HEMP often allows for lower dosing of drugs that might have negative side effects, especially over long periods of time. As HEMP works hand in hand with other medications, allowing for a more balanced approach to pet health.

How much CBD Oil should I give my pet?

As each pet is different, and body weight varies widely, we strongly encourage you to experiment with the dosage in order to find the perfect balance of our Nature’s Best CBD Oil that will have the optimal benefits on your pet’s health. CBD Oil has no side effects, you can safely increase dosage without worry. According to leading veterinarians, it is recommended to give your pet Nature’s Best CBD Oil for at least two weeks of consistent usage for your pet’s metabolism to acclimate to the effects of hemp. Nature’s Best Extra Virgin CBD Oils are ideal as a supplement for all pets and especially those pets suffering from allergies, anxiety, behavioral issues, digestive problems, and chronic pain. Consult your vet if your pet is pregnant or lactating before introducing Hemp for Dogs in their daily diet.

  • Legally ships to all 50 states.
  • No side effects or psychoactive properties. Your pet won’t get high because there is no THC.
  • Quick acting and easy to use via eyedropper or now in a fast acting spray form
  • Prolongs the life of pets
  • Alleviates anxiety and strengthens the immune system
  • High omega fatty acid content
  • Legal and safe to use on your pet in any amounts
  • 100% cruelty-free, vegan, organic, Kosher and non-GMO

Would you like to know more? Feel free to email or call our corporate office at (720) 445-6254 for more information. If you are a veterinarian, ask us about becoming part of our pet testing process.

Nature’s Best CBD Oil is not tested by the FDA. It is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

How to get setup on Zelle to do Bank-to-Bank Transfers

For Zelle Checkout: (what is Zelle?)

  1. Fill out your Billing and Shipping information below and choose the payment method at the bottom "CHECK PAYMENTS".  This will allow your order to be placed in our system along with where we need to ship the item.
  2. Next, download Zelle on your phone.  (Android)  (Apple)
  3. Enroll your Visa or Mastercard debit card linked to a U.S. checking account; -OR-
  4. Choose the email/mobile number to pay to be 303-447-1678 and enter into the "MEMO" field your ORDER NUMBER.
  5. Confirm the amount and hit send.  We should receive the payment within minutes.

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How to get setup on Zodaka to do Bank-to-Bank Transfers

For Zodaka Checkout: (what is Zodaka?)

  1. Fill out Billing and Shipping information below and choose Zodaka as the payment method.
  2. You will be transferred to and asked to enter your credentials.  If you haven't signed up, click the sign up option.
  3. To sign up, enter your information on the first screen and click next. On the second page, search for your bank. When you find your bank, click the icon of your bank.
  4. You will now be asked for your bank's online username and password.  These are the credentials that you use to login to your bank's website.  Zodaka will connect with your bank..  (The first time you connect may take a few minutes.)
  5. The next step, depending on your bank, will ask to text or call you with a code to the phone number you have registered with your bank.  Choose your phone number listed and then on the next screen Choose text or phone call.  When you receive the code, type it into the box.  (this also can take a few minutes after you clicked submit)
  6. Now select the checking account you would like to make transfers from in Zodaka, then click next.
  7. Confirm your Billing Address.
  8. Lastly, you will be taken to the final confirmation screen.  Check the amount and click the Pay Now button.
  9. Note: For future transactions, choose Zodaka, click submit, and you will be taken directly to a pay now screen.
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